Works in Progress (WIPS)

  This is my latest start. I started it during the Olympics. It is Isabella's Garden, but I call it Isabelle's Garden because it reminds me of my little girl!


She is a really quick one to stick and is looking really nice. I have changed the colors of the dress to be Isabelle's favorite colors, blue and purple.

This is the free Fractal bookmark from XS-Collectible. That's my little girl holding the progress.     I haven't worked on this one as much lately. It is supposed to be a travel project but with 90 threads it is hard to travel with. I think it will become my stay at home project and I will have a needle with each color set up. Finding each thread for ever color change is a pain. (7/3/07)


Here is my latest progress on my fractal book mark. The red balls are starting to take shape.


I have finished the red balls, on to the purple ones!


My progress on this has really slowed down because of all of the confetti stitches. I am almost done with page 2.


I have really made some progress on this one. Page three is know done! I am officially 1/3 of the way through.

This is a Georgia O'keefe Painting White Trumpet Flower that I had hoped to have finished in time for a charity auction but it isn't even close. It will just wait until next year.


This is going to look really nice when I am done. I am almost done with page 1, 14 more to go!


I have finished page two. Still a long ways to go but it is moving along.


I am about half way through page three at this point. It is looking like a flower now.

This is my first picture of the 16 part free sampler that I downloaded last year. There are several people from my ILCS group who have at least started this one. It is starting to come along.


I have almost finished page 4 on this one. Still along ways to go.


I have finished page 4 and am half way through page 5. It is looking nice and really moves along quite quickly. There is a lot to go though!