Finished in 2008

These are the pieces that I have finised in 2008. I will hopefully remember to take pictures of everything before I give them away.  

This is one of several teaching pieces that I have been stitching for Lynda with Forever In My Heart Designs. She will be teaching a class in Nashville during Market. This is Isabelle's Christmas ornament for 2007. I didn't get it finished in time for 2007 but it will go on the tree this year. This is a design that I loved so I did it again. I will be making it into a scissor fob for my scissors. This is the second teaching Hope Flower I did. I think if I was to do it again, I would do the words in purple
This is the last Hope Flower that I did. Each one is on a different type of fabric and uses a different type of thread. One of the charity quilt squares for OECS. The picture just doesn't do this piece justice. This is a birth announcement for a friend of mine. The is a Teresa Wentzler Celtic Knot bookmark that I FINALLY finished. It took for ever but I like the result.
This was a freebie from My Aunts Attic. I had started this once but ran out of the thread. Rene sent me some more for a floss exchange but the dye lot was really different so I started over. I love this piece. The only problem is that some where a long the line I rotated the piece so not all of the stitches go in the same direction. Not a fair entry I am afraid but unless you really look at it you can't tell. Celtic Winter is finished! I can enter her in the fair this year. Now I have to frame her. I only have one girl left, Autumn My magnet for an exchange I did.
A cute halloween finish this year. This one was fun to do. I used all kinds of specialty threads. The Black hat is done with velvet, the cat with alpaca thead the moon in this shiny almost shoe lace type thread and the checker board is done with varigated silk ribbon. This is an exchange I did. These is from My Lady's needle and are the Quaker smalls ornaments. It is done on 40 count linen.